If your cleaner does not seems to follow the instructions from the app or after making a selection it spins in circles or does not return to the dock.

This can be solved by a simple power reset:

Turn off the robot cleaner by using the red switch on the side:


Then remove the cleaner from its charger base:

Then repeat the procedure by turning on the cleaner, and return it back to the charger base, you should then have full functionality again from within the app.

If this not solve the problem then "reset" the cleaner by following the instructions below

Turn off the robot using the red switch on the side:                    Then remove the cleaner from its charger base:

open the lid of battery compartment, remove the battery and replace the battery after 15 minutes

Switch on the vacuum cleaner and press the “Clean” button once 

Once the loading icon stops, HOLD down the “Spot” button for around 10 seconds, you will then hear a bleep.

Release the “Spot” button and the 'Spot'  icon will be displayed.

(The vacuum cleaner should not start to clean, if it did then repeat the process but hold the spot icon for 15 seconds this time)

Turn off the vacuum cleaner and turn it on again.                                 Replace the vacuum on the charger base.

Now you can reinstall the vacuum cleaner in the cleaner app..