We are currently aware of some compatibility issues with the Hyperoptic internet service and the routers that are supplied with their network when setting up.

If you find you cannot connect to your smart device or you receive a message such as the one below, we have steps that should help resolve this, but you may need to contact your Internet provider for help if unsure on accessing
 your router setting

Step 1: Reducing the Hyperoptic Wifi network name length

Hyperoptic SSID's  (Wifi network names) tend to be unusually long, as in the image below which consists of 32 characters long including spaces and symbols (!?., etc).  Our devices can only 'see' the first 31 characters in a Wifi network name so this will need adjusting down accordingly if it is any longer.

In your phone's Settings> Wifi network settings >List of networks you may see a network name such as this: 

To adjust the length of this network name you will need to access your router settings. 

The link below will take you to Hyperoptics support page that clearly describes how this can be undertaken:


As long as there are no further issues as in Step 2 below, you should now be able to connect successfully.

Step 2: Selecting another authentication type that's compatible with our device

Our products can work with WPA and WPA2-PSK types with WEP, TKIP and AES encryption.

WPA/WPA2-PSK is often referred to as “mixed mode”. This is a security configuration that allows both WPA and WPA2 security at the same time. This is less secure than just WPA2 and should only be used if the user has devices that can only connect with WPA. Using this mixed mode may even slow down your whole Wi-Fi network to ensure compatibility with older devices. We recommend WPA2-PSK for our device.

The Hyperhub however has an added extra security type called WPA2-EAP, although less common than the other types mentioned, our Wi-Fi connected products do not work with this WPA2 EAP type.

If your Hyperoptic router has this security type enabled, our device cannot connect until one of the other compatible types mentioned are selected instead.

Hyperoptic support

If you are unsure or assistance is required, Hyperoptic can be contacted directly through their support page whereby they offer a direct technical support helpline, email and a live chat service that may help.
We have included the link below to their support page: